Reflections on the 21/22 Premier League Season

After what has been a long and, at times, depressing season, we can all now breathe a sigh of relief after confirming our Premier League status. Congratulations to the team who fought - and won - a very tough relegation battle.

While we might still be feeling jubilant, we must reflect how close we were to throwing three years of hard work down the drain.

The club failed to land key targets, new signings only filled the gaps left by departures from the previous season, and our squad was arguably weaker at the start of this term than it was at the end of the last.

Come January, with the spine of the team on the treatment table facing months of rehab, we again failed to add to the squad. It was said that January signings were hard to come by, but that didn’t seem to be true for the clubs around us. We have all enjoyed the progress and talent coming through in our Under 23s, but relying on them to dig us out of a relegation battle was neither fair nor sensible.

Fans will disagree on whether the decision to sack Marcelo Bielsa was the right one - and that will remain a talking point - but what is not up for debate is that additions to the team were needed this season and the situation we found ourselves in at the weekend was absolutely not what was planned.

We, the fans, can hand on heart say we have upheld our part of the bargain. We have watched some poor football, even worse results and have consistently backed the team and the club, selling out home and away allocations despite a 10% increase in season ticket prices and the most expensive membership costs in the Premier League.

What we need to acknowledge is that the last few months have unearthed a clear disconnect between club management and large sections of our support. Some of the communication from the club has been tone deaf at times, and many of the things that Leeds fans truly value about our club have been overlooked. 

So, as we start to rebuild for the 22/23 season, what can we as fans expect?

We want open and honest conversations on what the extent of the investment from 49ers Enterprises will be, how involved they have been in decision-making this season, and what their plans are for club ownership in the coming years.

Fans are nervous about the predictable transfer rumours and need reassurances that the team are going to get the much-needed investment on the pitch ahead of the upcoming season.

Celebrations are in order for the club on retaining its Premier League status, but it was all too close for comfort. We hope the players enjoy the break with their families and look forward to supporting them again next season.

Marching On Together.

Leeds United Supporters’ Trust