Putting New Digital Tickets to the Test

Dozens of our members have been trying out the club’s new digital ticketing system as Leeds prepare to go mobile only for the new season.

Members of all ages and digital abilities - some decidedly sceptical about the concept - converged on the Elland Road turnstiles to put the system through its paces. For most, the reaction was ‘this is easy’ but ticketing staff were on hand to help out, answer questions and gather feedback from any who found things more challenging.

All who took part received an email to open on a mobile device and a link to download the digital ticket to Google Pay (for Android) or Apple Wallet (for iPhone). Each email contained a clickable icon to save the eTicket to the right place on your device plus advice to download tickets straight away - we all know mobile data around Elland Road can be temperamental! 

Those who booked on behalf of others had tickets listed in the email, which could be forwarded and downloaded on their own devices. Some chose to download multiple tickets on the one phone and then to pass it back to others in their party. A word of warning; once scanned at the turnstile, the ticket becomes ‘used’. 

Some with multiple stored tickets - including those with younger fans - chose to stay at the back and tapeveryone in rather than trying to pass the phone back each time and delaying entry for those behind.

The entry process involved holding the phone upright against the reader until it goes green. There is a slightly extended period of the turnstiles being ‘pushable’ once the ticket has been scanned… which should mean youre not panicking to get through before it locks again!

Digital ticket scanner at Elland Road

The club are aware there are fans without access to a smartphone. They are being urged to get in touch with the ticket office for a workaround, as are those with a work phone who are blocked from downloading to their ‘wallet’.

Season Ticket holders will receive an email containing a link to download their ticket to the wallet. Those who bought multiple Season Tickets for friends & family can choose to download all to their own smartphone or forward the email to the individual ticket holders so that they can download their own tickets. 

On arriving at the ground, you can either 'tap’ the phone on the machine which will automatically open your wallet or open each ticket within the wallet and tap the turnstile screen.

General admission ST holders will be able to forward their mobile season ticket to another supporter for a home league game they can’t attend but they must be linked via the My Friends & Familyoption and also be a 2022/23 member. Details on how to do this will be sent with your Season Ticket.

Our key things to remember this season:

  • Download your ticket to your digital wallet as soon as the email arrives and before you get to Elland Road

  • You can add multiple tickets to one phone – just email the ticket to the phone you’ll all be using on matchday

  • Give yourself plenty time – Arrive just that little earlier if it’s your first time using the new ticket system

You might still have questions about the new processes, but we should applaud the club for involving supporters’ groups in the trial. We will push for this way of partnering to continue to make sure fans are kept up to date and can feedback ahead of new initiatives. The club are also recruiting for matchday stewards, specifically to help with the transition to digital tickets and to keep the turnstiles moving.

Still need answers? Try the club’s mobile ticket FAQs

An update…

Members have raised many questions over the summer in relation to the Season Ticket Waiting List and we shared your concern around the lack of information from the club since this was launched in 2020.

We’ve recently been able to sit down with the club on the issues you raised and wanted to let you know the outcomes. 

Season Ticket Waiting List:

We have been asking for months for transparency on where our members are on the season ticket waiting list, but the club will not be making this information public. We’re extremely disappointed as more than 20,000 fans paid £10 each for the privilege and we feel they deserve to know where they’re positioned.

Allocation and number of Season Tickets available this season:

We asked that our members had an understanding and explanation of the number of season tickets allocated this season and what number of the additional 10 per cent of seats that have been made available for games, had come at the expense of reducing the amount of new season tickets available.

Again, the club would not and will not be sharing this information at this point.

We understand this is frustrating for our members and other supporters and we will continue to press for greater transparency.

For the coming season, the club have agreed to regular dialogue with Trust Board members and via the Supporters' Advisory Group. This should allow us the opportunity to ask questions on your behalf and for Trust Members’ voices to be heard. 

Together We Are Stronger