Seventh Leeds United Supporters’ Trust Mural Revealed as stunning tribute to three LUFC Managers

The Leeds United Supporters’ Trust has brought their seventh LUFC themed mural to life, thanks to great work of local artist Phil Harris. The mural continues to be part of the ongoing project by LUST to celebrate the rich history of Leeds United all around across the city through different types of themed art.

The mural, which was executed by Phil, is a tribute to the three Leeds United managers who have secured the club promotion over the years and proudly features Don Revie, Howard Wilkinson and Marcelo Bielsa.

The 40 ft mural is painted on the side of Yorkshire Rose Pub, Leeds Road in Guiseley and has already attracted 100’s of visitors, with the pub even having calls from fans in Scandinavia and Ireland making bookings for food etc whilst they visit.

The mural wouldn’t have been possible without the funding and support from business owner Jamie Grady from West Yorkshire Electricals Ltd. Following a plea on the LUST social media account asking for a sponsor of the mural the company was quick to offer a helping hand.

Jamie Grady, Director of West Yorkshire Electricals said “As a massive Leeds United fan I’ve been following the murals that are popping up all around the city, and when the opportunity came up for us to get involved - I was only too happy to help. It gives me and my company a massive sense of pride to see the final version of the mural and of course our name attached to it.”

The mural is the seventh one to be commissioned by LUST following the first one which executed back in 2017 of the 1992 midfield on Lowfields Road. Since then the Trust have added another six stunning tributes around the suburbs of the city. There is also a website with all the locations of the murals that even has its own route map Many fans have already taken the tour visiting and local groups have even done charity walks and cycle tours to raise funds.

Phil Harris, the artist behind the mural said “I am so happy to have been the chosen artist on this significant project. The subject and theme really resonated with me, so I got deeply involved with the thought process behind the final design. The final piece titled “generation of hope” has a double meaning from my perspective. Firstly, the three managers depicted, have come once in a generation. Revie being my father’s youth, Wilkinson being mine and Bielsa for my kids. Secondly, they have all generated hope for the future of the club and its following, by winning the title, raising the club into the top tier of the English football league.

The ribbons, that lead the subjects towards the cup they all shared, also have a deeper consideration. Revie introduced the white strip, yellow was the away colour when Wilkinson was in charge and Bielsa has his blue away shirt and a connection to his Argentine heritage. I have tried to create a piece that fits the brief given by the Trust, but I also wanted it to resonate with the fans - more importantly stand alone as a piece of street art that the local community will embrace. A big thanks to the LUST, Jamie Barugh, Darren at the Yorkshire Rose and WY Electrical. On a more personal level Clair Hufton, Turner & Wood, WAE Group and all my friends and family for their support.”

Jamie Barugh, a passionate LUFC fan from Guiseley contacted the Trust to get on board and help bring a mural to his local community, he said “I’m a lifelong Leeds United Supporter and absolutely the love the murals throughout the city. However, one of the things that I noticed with the Leeds United murals is that there are usually within the city a 4- or 5-mile radius or so. I approached Leeds United Supporters’ Trust back in May to see how I could make it happen here in Guiseley. Thanks to LUST, Phi Harris and West Yorkshire Electrical and Darren at the Yorkshire Rose Pub who have all been amazing and helped to make this happen. I’m so glad that this idea became a reality, and I can walk past it every day with a sense of pride - a truly team effort.”

Clair Hufton, Board Member at the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust said “The murals continue to bring the city and the club closer together by bringing them into our local communities and not just the city centre. There is a real sense of pride when they are brought to life locally - like this one here in Guiseley. Every time we post about doing another one people instantly ask when we are going to do one where they live. The great news is that some of the murals are driving business to the locations and venues such as the pubs and markets. It’s not possible to get the murals done without the support and funding from local businesses like West Yorkshire Electrical.

“It’s amazing that we have a bank of such talented artists based here in Leeds and it’s great to get them all involved too, special thanks to Phil Harris for this amazing execution and passion in delivering this stunning piece of art!”

Bat Staff at Yorkshire Rose Pub have been taken back by the impact the mural has already had, with one saying “We’ve had people turning up all the time taking pictures, we’ve had phone calls from fans all over asking to come and visit – we have seen over half a million views of the mural on social media. It’s great for the local area and I’m so pleased we’ve been able to make this happen and a big thanks to everyone who’s coming into the pub and supporting us too”